Real-time supply chain visibility for safeguarding high-value pharma products and vaccines

Discover how automation can help pharma organizations overcome major compliance errors in an industry with highly regulated fields that demand precise actions, informed decision-making, and connected processes

Real-time visibility solutions are game changers for pharma companies pivoting from response to recovery following supply chain disruptions.

Faced with the complex task of securing and distributing supplies to patients in need around the world, pharma companies can secure the pharma supply chain by using real-time solutions to monitor product safety and temperature control while assuring product integrity and delivery.

In this interactive webinar, Emanuel Schäpper, Team Leader Key Account Management at ELPRO will explore the benefits of tapping into temperature, location and other sensor data “live” from the pharma supply chain to prevent product loss and make proactive decisions for high-value, irreplaceable shipments.

Rethink the visibility across your supply chain ecosystem and come away with key lessons in:

Real-time monitoring solutions.
The technology landscape and the benefits of using mobile Internet of Things in the supply chain.
How to break down monitoring processes for time critical shipments.
In-storage wireless cloud monitoring solutions to improve product quality and compliance.
Tracking solutions for special containers using cryogenics and dry ice.
How to reduce risk of false alarms and loss of product considerations.
Data management, automated data assessment and release processes.
Get involved in the discussion by posing your questions to our speakers and learn how cold chain logistics visibility can transform your supply chain operations.


Emanuel Schäpper, Team Leader Key Account Management at ELPRO

Emanuel Schäpper is a cold chain expert with over 25 years’ experience in sales, marketing and key account management. He is responsible for ELPRO’s global business development with key pharmaceutical companies and involved in many temperature-monitoring projects in healthcare logistics. Schäpper holds a Master’s degree in economics and information management.

This webinar will take place at:

9am EST
6am PST
3pm CET
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