Real-time supply chain visibility for safeguarding high-value pharma products and vaccines

Discover how automation can help pharma organizations overcome major compliance errors in an industry with highly regulated fields that demand precise actions, informed decision-making, and connected processes Real-time visibility solutions are game changers for pharma companies pivoting from response to recovery following supply chain disruptions. Faced with the complex task of securing and distr... »

What is pharma manufacturing?

A breakdown of how flexible, digital and continuous manufacturing practices transforms pharma manufacturing processes with real-life case study examples from Merck, GSK and Ayala Pharmaceuticals A roadmap to pharma manufacturing Pharma manufacturing refers to the industrial-scale synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs. This is a process with many challenges and techniques that practitioners will need t... »

Keeping tabs on pharma

Pharma companies are calling to put sustainability at the top of their agenda after demand for a harmful petroleum-based material in pharmaceutical drugs increase, and AstraZeneca paves the way in lung cancer treatment in China following the negative publicity surrounding their Covid-19 vaccine. Researchers discover sustainable alternatives to petrochemicals used in pharmaceuticals and beauty prod... »

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